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There is No Plan

What happens when you let it ride.

Ready to explore

My next chapter is a blank page.

No country selected, no job lined up and no startup plans. I left my job of 15 years with only the faintest notion of what’s next and where I’m going.

The next few months or perhaps years, will undoubtedly be a random series of events. I’ll post about what happens here.

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Tucson, AZ

Wrapping up here in Tucson, AZ. Next up: San Diego, CA and the Pacific Coast Highway

The trip resumes… Florida

Orlando, Ft Lauderdale and now Tampa. I guess the trip has resumed! What year is it? 2022? Almost two years exactly since returning to Canada. Next up: Arizona

Leaving Dubai, take deux!

A chauffeur to the airport, business class lounge and an Emirates business trip to Toronto. Now that’s the right way to leave Dubai! Attempt #1 was a bit weird. 30 years in Dubai, a life of being Emirates staff and I ended up leaving through Sharjah on Air Arabia? No, that wouldn’t do. I’m happyContinue reading “Leaving Dubai, take deux!”

Off to Canada we go!

For reasons you all can guess, I’m off to Canada! Leaving tonight on Emirates and keeping my fingers crossed both the flight and the border will stay open as planned. Two days in Toronto, a drive down to London and then self impriso… sorry… isolation.

NZ plans cancelled, stay in Dubai or head back to Canada?

Current location: Dubai, UAE The New Zealand government has begun deporting tourists who did not have sufficient self isolation plans. Despite the campervan company confirming their vehicles can be used for self isolation and that I think my plans would suffice, I don’t have to risk the long term consequences deportation would bring, and soContinue reading “NZ plans cancelled, stay in Dubai or head back to Canada?”

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