My last day at work

Today was unique.

For the last few weeks I, and others around me, have known that I’m leaving for good and it has shaped everything we do.

I was focused on preparing others to succeed. I carefully crafted handovers to each person. I sat and listened and steered people to areas I thought important.

But, in reality, how can one convey 15 years of experience in the space of a few weeks? It seems unlikely.

Then the last day arrives and all your carefully constructed plans fall apart.

Despite all the time you’ve taken preparing, the last day is rushed. You’re suddenly consumed with little administrative tasks. You’re double booked without realizing it. HR needs forms filled, IT needs their equipment back. There are dependencies. You need to email everyone before your account is shut down. You need to take your car out of the coveted parking space before you lock yourself out of the building. You need to hug everyone and tell them how much you care about them. You miss that speech that you didn’t know you were meant to give. That one person you really wanted to thank is in a meeting and leaves before you can catch them.

It all needs to be done today. There is no tomorrow.

And then it inevitably ends. The IT guy walks you to the elevator, you tap the access card panel, hand it to him, step into the waiting car and think:

Why is the last person you see always the IT guy?

(Thank you IT guy, you know who you are!)

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