Morning #1: Bored Already?

How do you think the first moment of having no plans should look?

A beam of sunlight sneaks past the curtain tickling your face. You open your eye, then the other, take a long cat stretch, smile to no one in particular and then fall back asleep.

Right? Me too! Not:

A streak of sunlight smacks you awake, momentarily blinding you because you forgot to close the curtains last night. You query your brain to see if it’s responding and are promptly reminded that you were force fed obligatory drinks last night. After a few moments of attempting to shut-it-down and return to the unconscious bliss, it kicks in with:

“Hey! You! What’s next?

  • How bout a fitness regime?
  • What do you think the weather is like in Bali this time of year?
  • Have you gotten back to those people about the insurance?
  • I know! You could totally write a book on how to build a CRM from scratch!
  • Did you check out that FB message from the friend in New Zealand? Totally have to go there!

Thanks brain. It’s 8am on the weekend and I am awake.

I think it’s time to retry that meditation app.

Published by Daniel

Author of the No Plan blog

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