Rediscovering Social Media

I’ve never had a desire to use social media. I like being private. I like doing my own thing. I don’t feel the need to be on stage for others. Watching that beautiful sunset can be a moment I revel in privately. Not posting it to instagram is rewarding to me as an indication of self control.

But now it’s different. So many people seem interested in this journey I feel a responsibility to share what I’m doing. I still don’t have a firm grasp on why but it feels right.

So, I’ll post and share and rediscover how social media works in today’s world. It’s changed from just facebook days. My first ever facebook live video got people talking, so if you prefer facebook there’s now a No Plan Blog facebook page. WordPress will automatically post there when I post here so you can follow along.

Instagram? We’ll see how that works for this topic.

Published by Daniel

Author of the No Plan blog

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