From house to backpack

The task before me now is to move from a two bedroom house with an extremely large backyard… to a backpack.

I’ve been working on this bit by bit for months, but now is crunch time. Plus, I’m not shipping a container so it’s really a case of… everything goes!

Any money made goes to the following causes:

  • Four staff who were recently made redundant
  • Help pay the vet bills for spade/neutering stray cats
  • Animals and Us Fujairah

Prevent waste? This is precisely why dubizzle was made for the UAE.

Deciding on what to keep? This is why Marie Kondo is so popular. I wish I’d followed her five years ago, there would be a lot less decisions to make now.

I’m on a timeline. One bag leaves in one week, I send a couple bags via Sky Cargo the week after and that’s it! Backpack living.

Published by Daniel

Author of the No Plan blog

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