Why dealing with used cars is so frustrating

Warning. This is a rant about used cars, proceed with caution.

Buying a “Certified Pre-Owned” car from the dealer should keep you safe and in the know, right? Wrong.

I’ve owned my car for just over a year and a half. No accidents, no damage. I’ve taken care of her like no other. Then I go to sell it and find out that one of the doors has been repainted. Painted before I bought the car… from the dealer. The same one who sold it to me with ‘full service history’ and walked me step by step through the entire history of the car.

This is what makes you realize in the used car market, everyone is out to make a buck. They do not have your interests in mind, they will withhold information so that they can move the car faster and make their commission.

In used cars, trust only people charging you a fixed fee.

In my case I used Dubizzle Pro who bless them found the repaint and – in keeping with their values – was forced to put it on my car’s inspection report. Had I bought the car through them, I would have known this up front.

Lessons for future.

Published by Daniel

Author of the No Plan blog

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