How to: Cancel your ‘Prepaid Plan’ with Etisalat (3 out of 5)

In Person trip needed? Yes.

They will tell you it’s possible to do this over the phone. I’m highly skeptical. When you call they say you’ll need to pay the exact amount of your final bill, including any phone calls you made just moments before. Doing so online or over the phone is not practical.


  • Use your smile points to pay your bill from the mobile app
  • Call the cancellation number (8006665) on the way to a physical store. When you get there grab a queue number while you’re dealing with customer care on the phone.
  • Don’t leave any accounts active unless you want to keep the number over the long term. They all might have small amounts due.

My situation:

What I had going in:

  • One Prepaid line with a 250 AED subscription
  • Two Postpaid lines under my name. Unknown balances.

What I wanted:

  1. Maintain the same number: I’ve had this number since 2001
  2. Avoid the next monthly bill: it would be automatically charged on 1st March.
  3. Avoid any future fees / fines on accounts I’d forgotten about.

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