Day 1: Self isolation in Toronto

Summary: Checked-in, got settled and caught up with everyone on Whatsapp!

I arrived in Toronto, chauffeured to my hotel in Markham and checked in to the Hilton Suites Markham, keeping a lot of distance between me and the staff. I will do everything possible to ensure I am not the cause of anyone contracting Coronavirus, though as of yet there are no indications I have it myself. Coming from low impacted countries (India / UAE) I still feel there’s a low chance I’ve picked it up.

What has been lovely since arriving is the ability to Whatsapp call friends and family! So far I’ve video called family in Ontario, Jamaica and spoken to friends in the US and UK. The UAE telecom companies have starved the local population from connecting with the rest of the world and I feel that’s a crime. They should join the rest of the modern world by allowing open video communication.

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