The Coronavirus and how it impacts noplan

As of tomorrow, all traveller visas issued to India have been cancelled and no more will be issued until April 15th. I was expecting some travel restrictions but this one caught me off guard. India’s doesn’t impact me directly, I’m already here, but it does mean that absolutely no foreigners will be allowed in toContinue reading “The Coronavirus and how it impacts noplan”

An experiment in Dubai altruism (Part 1)

In leaving Dubai I knew I had to downsize considerably. I needed to move from a two bedroom villa down to a backpack, but more importantly I wanted to know in leaving, I’d leave as small a footprint as possible. I wanted this to be positive for the people around me and for the environment.Continue reading “An experiment in Dubai altruism (Part 1)”

How to: Cancel your ‘Prepaid Plan’ with Etisalat (3 out of 5)

In Person trip needed? Yes. They will tell you it’s possible to do this over the phone. I’m highly skeptical. When you call they say you’ll need to pay the exact amount of your final bill, including any phone calls you made just moments before. Doing so online or over the phone is not practical.Continue reading “How to: Cancel your ‘Prepaid Plan’ with Etisalat (3 out of 5)”

Why dealing with used cars is so frustrating

Warning. This is a rant about used cars, proceed with caution. Buying a “Certified Pre-Owned” car from the dealer should keep you safe and in the know, right? Wrong. I’ve owned my car for just over a year and a half. No accidents, no damage. I’ve taken care of her like no other. Then IContinue reading “Why dealing with used cars is so frustrating”