How do you jump?

When I get unhappy with place I’m in or a product I’m using, I readily jump the fence and see just how green that grass actually is on the other side.

Some think that’s nuts.

Some think that’s courageous.

For me, it’s just an experiment.

I moved to android from iOS. I relocated to the other side of Dubai. I worked in Dubai remotely from Canada.

Some stick, others don’t, but at least you’ve tried. You’re moving forward even if it’s to a place you’ve been to before.

Approaching the end of work

As I wrap up my final days at work I can’t help but notice: I’m less consulted but more listened to.

This is not a new phenomenon. You attract people through non-neediness and, as you leave, people start to sense you don’t need them and they don’t need you.

Interactions become more authentic and deeper. Any time spent with someone must meant you enjoy their company as all alternative motivations are null and void.

It’s authentic, fun and liberating.

From house to backpack

The task before me now is to move from a two bedroom house with an extremely large backyard… to a backpack.

I’ve been working on this bit by bit for months, but now is crunch time. Plus, I’m not shipping a container so it’s really a case of… everything goes!

Any money made goes to the following causes:

  • Four staff who were recently made redundant
  • Help pay the vet bills for spade/neutering stray cats
  • Animals and Us Fujairah

Prevent waste? This is precisely why dubizzle was made for the UAE.

Deciding on what to keep? This is why Marie Kondo is so popular. I wish I’d followed her five years ago, there would be a lot less decisions to make now.

I’m on a timeline. One bag leaves in one week, I send a couple bags via Sky Cargo the week after and that’s it! Backpack living.

Rediscovering Social Media

I’ve never had a desire to use social media. I like being private. I like doing my own thing. I don’t feel the need to be on stage for others. Watching that beautiful sunset can be a moment I revel in privately. Not posting it to instagram is rewarding to me as an indication of self control.

But now it’s different. So many people seem interested in this journey I feel a responsibility to share what I’m doing. I still don’t have a firm grasp on why but it feels right.

So, I’ll post and share and rediscover how social media works in today’s world. It’s changed from just facebook days. My first ever facebook live video got people talking, so if you prefer facebook there’s now a No Plan Blog facebook page. WordPress will automatically post there when I post here so you can follow along.

Instagram? We’ll see how that works for this topic.

Morning #1: Bored Already?

How do you think the first moment of having no plans should look?

A beam of sunlight sneaks past the curtain tickling your face. You open your eye, then the other, take a long cat stretch, smile to no one in particular and then fall back asleep.

Right? Me too! Not:

A streak of sunlight smacks you awake, momentarily blinding you because you forgot to close the curtains last night. You query your brain to see if it’s responding and are promptly reminded that you were force fed obligatory drinks last night. After a few moments of attempting to shut-it-down and return to the unconscious bliss, it kicks in with:

“Hey! You! What’s next?

  • How bout a fitness regime?
  • What do you think the weather is like in Bali this time of year?
  • Have you gotten back to those people about the insurance?
  • I know! You could totally write a book on how to build a CRM from scratch!
  • Did you check out that FB message from the friend in New Zealand? Totally have to go there!

Thanks brain. It’s 8am on the weekend and I am awake.

I think it’s time to retry that meditation app.

My last day at work

Today was unique.

For the last few weeks I, and others around me, have known that I’m leaving for good and it has shaped everything we do.

I was focused on preparing others to succeed. I carefully crafted handovers to each person. I sat and listened and steered people to areas I thought important.

But, in reality, how can one convey 15 years of experience in the space of a few weeks? It seems unlikely.

Then the last day arrives and all your carefully constructed plans fall apart.

Despite all the time you’ve taken preparing, the last day is rushed. You’re suddenly consumed with little administrative tasks. You’re double booked without realizing it. HR needs forms filled, IT needs their equipment back. There are dependencies. You need to email everyone before your account is shut down. You need to take your car out of the coveted parking space before you lock yourself out of the building. You need to hug everyone and tell them how much you care about them. You miss that speech that you didn’t know you were meant to give. That one person you really wanted to thank is in a meeting and leaves before you can catch them.

It all needs to be done today. There is no tomorrow.

And then it inevitably ends. The IT guy walks you to the elevator, you tap the access card panel, hand it to him, step into the waiting car and think:

Why is the last person you see always the IT guy?

(Thank you IT guy, you know who you are!)

Setting off to no where in particular

A man, late 30s, with hair beyond his years and the fitness to match. This is me at the start of this chapter.

I sold my company two years ago, stepped down from the resulting job and now embark on a life that’s commitment free.

So… what next?

I’m continually asked by friends, family and colleagues, “What is your plan?“, “What are you doing next?”, “Where are you going?”

I have no plan and that’s ok. Not everyone is willing to accept that. I certainly wouldn’t have one year ago.


Where are you going?

East sounds like a good general direction. From Dubai that means… India? Nepal? Thailand?

How long will you do this for?

When I get to North America I’ll need to decide: Stop here?

Why did you start this blog?

Imagine an empty box. A close friend asks you to look inside that box and you carefully, almost embarrassingly, show them inside.

Now imagine that friend becomes extremely excited for you and congratulations you profusely on your empty box.

When I started telling people “I really have no plan whatsoever” I braced myself for shock, horror and interventions. I did not expect passioned and excited shouts of “Wow, that’s awesome!”, “I’m so jealous!” and “Please keep me posted!”.

“Post-ed”. Hence, this blog.

I get it. Not many people have nothing as an option. But, perhaps you do. And, perhaps this blog inspires you to ask that question.

Why are you doing this? (the time off / travel)

It feels like the right thing to do. I don’t often go by feel but I will for now.

What will this blog focus on?

Focus? It will not focus.

Focus suggests I’ve got a plan and there is No Plan. I make no promises except to document the thoughts and patterns I go through.

What do you hope to accomplish?

Nothing. Ooh, I like the sound of that!