Where are you going?

East sounded like a good general direction until the Coronavirus hit. It now looks like Goa, then New Zealand then we’ll see how ill the world is after that.

How long will you travel for?

When I get to North America I’ll need to decide: Stop here?

Why did you start this blog?

Imagine an empty box. A close friend asks you to look inside that box and you carefully, almost embarrassingly, show them there’s nothing inside.

Now imagine that friend becomes extremely excited for you and congratulations you profusely on your empty box. Confusing no?

When I started telling people “I really have no plan whatsoever” I braced myself for shock, horror and interventions. I did not expect passioned and excited shouts of “Wow, that’s awesome!”, “I’m so jealous!” and “Please keep me posted!”. True interest that I have nothing on my plate.

Hence, this blog. To keep those interested in what it means to have no plans.

Not many people have nothing as an option… but, perhaps you do… and perhaps this blog inspires you to ask that question of yourself.

Why are you doing this? (the time off / travel)

It feels like the right thing to do. I don’t often go by feel but I will for now.

What will this blog focus on?

Focus? It will not focus. It will meander until it finds an ocean.

Focus suggests I’ve got a plan and there is No Plan. I make no promises except to document the thoughts and patterns I go through.

What do you hope to accomplish?

Nothing. Truly… nothing.

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