The Coronavirus and how it impacts noplan

As of tomorrow, all traveller visas issued to India have been cancelled and no more will be issued until April 15th. I was expecting some travel restrictions but this one caught me off guard.

India’s doesn’t impact me directly, I’m already here, but it does mean that absolutely no foreigners will be allowed in to India over the next month. Where it does impact me, and potentially you if you’re planning to travel, is the lack of tourists will cause places to close. The resort I’m staying at is already discussing this, the slew of cancellations they got might cause them to close early this season.

Also to consider, more countries will likely follow suit with similar restrictions and places I do want to travel to, like New Zealand, will soon not allow travellers in.

That means… I’ve got three choices basically.

  • Hang out in India for a month or two
  • Leave now to New Zealand, get there before travel restrictions take hold then travel internally.
  • Hit pause on the whole travel idea and head to Canada to coast for a while, perhaps exploring the west coast.

While it would be a shame to not use this time for freely roaming the globe, the options are getting limited. Having no plan gives me the flexibility to not travel as well.

Thoughts? Comment here or email me.

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One thought on “The Coronavirus and how it impacts noplan

  1. Sounds like tough choices.
    I have read good things about Austrailia.
    The doubling rate in Western places in their cold season appears to be 4 to 5 days.
    Maybe go to New Zealand now and then choose between Australia and New Zealand once you are there to spend the remainder of their summer in.

    Then go back to Canadia when it warms up a little there.
    This strategy could help you minimize time in countries with over-run healthcare systems.

    Head South and East and have FUN!


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